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White Ash #1
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White Ash is a new comic book series written by Charlie Stickney featuring stunning artwork from Conor Hughes and breathtaking colors from Fin Cramb. The fifty-two page first issue is packed with fantasy, horror, and forbidden romance, set against the backdrop of a small mining community in Western Pennsylvania. If you’re a fan of Supernatural, Twin Peaks or Lord of the Rings, you’re going to love getting to know our mysterious town.

Raised in Kickstarter
$12,386.00 / 327 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Big Print Update
12 days ago – Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 04:05:29 PM

Phew, what a journey this has been. It’s taken a bit longer than we anticipated, but we can finally say that after a lengthy back and forth with Kraken Print to make sure the book was just right, Chapter One is printing. Once they’ve finished, they’ll pack it on the slow boat and ship it to our distribution center here in Los Angeles.

The bad news is they’ve estimated that the books will arrive at the end of December. We’re incredibly sorry about the delay. Hopefully the PDF, which everyone should have by now, will fill that White Ash hole until they get here. The first book was definitely a learning process. To that end we’ve vowed for future kickstarters not to launch until the book is finished. That way we’ll have a much more accurate assessment of when the books will be available for delivery.

Of course if they get in sooner, we’ll make sure that they’re off to you immediately. We’d love to have them in the mail before the winter holidays. But at this point, we’re literally just waiting for our ship to come in.

The good news is that the reaction to Chapter One has been amazing. We’ve been humbled by the enthusiasm of reviews from places like Comicverse, Rogues Portal and Comic Bastards. All of this was made possible by you, our Kickstarter backers. Conor, Fin and I can’t tell you enough how much your support has meant to us in getting White Ash made.

And to that end, I’d like to pay that support forward a bit and tell you about two incredible projects currently funding on Kickstarter.

The first is TART by Kevin Joseph.


 Long ago, when I was first thinking about bringing White Ash to Kickstarter, Tart was one of the comics that convinced me that crowdsourcing was a viably route to finance and  publish comic books. I was fortunate enough to meet Kevin at San Diego Comic Con this year and find out that he was genuinely as nice as he was talented. So please, if you think a comic about a Time-Traveling Demon Hunter might be up your alley, you’ve got two days left to check it out on Kickstarter.

On the other end of the “I’m not sure which” spectrum is RED XMAS: O HOLY CRAP!


This book is wrong in so many, many ways. And I’m sure that’s just how Clay Adams likes it. I also met Clay at SDCC. And over breakfast he started telling me the book. Something about how…

...When Mrs. Claus dies in a tragic toy accident, Santa sets out to make all those little brats pay. Now, a Santa-skeptic FBI agent must team up with her wannabe-elf ex-husband to save their son--and Christmas!

But that doesn’t begin to describe the extent of how much the story, and most likely Clay, are off. Here’s a little teaser.

RED XMAS: O HOLY CRAP! is a 56-page, perfect bound comic book that’s currently funding on Kickstarter.

Neither it nor Tart are for children, (especially Red Xmas) but you probably already figured that out.

Kickstarter really is an incredible community; an ecosystem of backers and creators all working together to bring ideas to life. As happy I am with White Ash, I’m equally proud of being part of that family. So if either of these projects speak to you, please check out what Clay and Kevin are making. They’ve been amazing friends to White Ash and a slew of other creators trying to navigate the dangerous waters of independent comics.

So that's the news from White Ash.  Please don't hesitate to shoot us an email if you have any questions. We’ll be back with another shipping update as soon as we hear from Kraken. Until then, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Conor, Fin and I certainly know what to be thankful for this year, our amazing White Ash backers.

All the best,

Charlie and the rest of Team Ash.

Deluxe PDF just went out
about 1 month ago – Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 08:00:03 PM


For those of you who ordered it, Backer Kit just sent out a link for you to download our Deluxe PDF of Chapter One. Along with the comic, it's loaded with the behind the scenes nuts and bolts of how we put White Ash together. If you don't see it in your email, check your junk mail. If you don't see it in your junk mail, shoot us a message and we'll send you a direct download link.

Going forward, we should have an update imminently on the ETA of the printed versions.  We're just finalizing the numbers of our print run.  So if you like the PDF and would like a print copy, there's still time to order one.   

Thank you again for all your support. We can't wait to hear what you think of our little town.

Charlie, Conor and Fin

about 2 months ago – Wed, Oct 04, 2017 at 01:56:31 AM

Hello White Ashians,

We are so incredibly happy to finally be able to say, "White Ash is done."  


Backer Kit just sent out a link for you to download a PDF of Chapter One.  If you don't see it in your email, check your junk mail.  If you don't see it in your junk mail, shoot us a message and we'll send you a direct download link.

Going forward, expect to see a download link for the deluxe PDF in about a week.  We're just putting the finishing touches on that,  making sure it's filled with some exciting behind the scenes content.  Additional, the book is off to our printer and as soon as we get an update from them, we'll pass on a revised schedule to you as to when you will receive your print copies.

For now, we hope you enjoy reading White Ash as much as we've enjoyed creating it. It's been an amazing journey and we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you again for all your support.  And welcome to White Ash, we can't wait to hear what you think of our little town.

Charlie, Conor and Fin

Sooooooooo close now
2 months ago – Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 11:58:13 PM

Hello White Ashians,

Thank you all so much for being patient and hanging with us.  We wanted to give you a quick update as to our progress and schedule going forward and the news is good.  Conor should be finished by early next week and Fin won't need much more time after that to complete prettying-up the last few pages of the book. From there, we'll be laying it out in PDF format and then sending it off overseas to the printer. As of now, we can confidently say we'll have PDF's to you, our amazing backers, by the end of September.

To that end, if you haven't filled out your survey, PLEASE DO SO NOW.  There are still a couple of you who haven't.  If we don't have your names, as you'd like them listed in the book, by Monday, September 18th, we can't guarantee they will be included.

Going forward, we'll keep you up to date as we get information from our printers. As soon as they give us a tangible schedule, we'll share it with you. But most likely, we're going to continue to be about a month behind. 

We really appreciate all the support and patience you've shown as we've put the book together. And now we're so incredibly excited to be able to share the final product with you. We here at Team Ash are beyond thrilled with how it's turned out and are confident, that with your help, we've created something truly special.

 Thanks again,

Your support has meant the world to us.  All the very best,

Charlie and the rest of Team Ash

The Home Stretch
3 months ago – Sun, Aug 20, 2017 at 01:57:41 PM

Hello White Ashians,

We just wanted to check in with you and give you an update on the book. As the title of the post implies, we're almost finished.  80% of the book is done and waiting to be sent off to the printer.  Conor is working away on the last couple of pages.  If you want to see your book finished in real time, you can head over to Conor's Twitch feed. He works late into the night most evenings and is always up for company.  And as amazing as the pages look after Fin has colored them, there's also something magical seeing the pages come to life in their rougher, penciled form.

Conor sketched out this beauty last night and we couldn't wait to share it with all of you.


Thanks again, 

Charlie and the rest of Team Ash